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Quartz Geodes / Pack

Quartz Geodes / Pack

$80.00 AUD

6 (XS) 2 6 34
8 (S) 4 8 36
10 (M) 6 10 38
12 (L) 8 12 40
14 (XL) 10 14 42

Our Quartz Geode Cluster pack radiates strong crystal power. Quartz geodes are hollow rocks where crystals grow inside. These crystals are popular because it is believed that the geodes send energy in all directions. Our quartz geodes have been dyed from their natural state of white. 

Healing properties:

  • Amplifies the power of other crystals
  • Balances energy in the whole body
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Unlocks memory
  • Aids in concentration

SIZE: approx. 4cm x 4cm

*Each Clear Quartz Cluster crystal is unqiue*

Information source: Crystal Meanings – Crystal Earth Spirit

Disclaimer: each individual experience with crystals will vary