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Mexican Inca Calcite / Crystal

Mexican Inca Calcite / Crystal

$45.00 AUD

6 (XS) 2 6 34
8 (S) 4 8 36
10 (M) 6 10 38
12 (L) 8 12 40
14 (XL) 10 14 42

Our Inca Calcite Crystal has been sourced all the way from Mexico and are of the highest quality. Inca calcite is key for your journey of self-discovery. Our crystals are unique to any others because they have been activated by a Shaman for healing purposes. 

Healing properties:

  • Assisting in embracing imperfections
  • Finding your strength
  • Renewing your sense of purpose
  • Balance in your body, mind, heart and spirit
  • Promotes vitality and enthusiasm

SIZE: approx. 10cm x 5cm

*Each Inca Calcite Crystal is unique*

Information source: Green-Calcite: Meanings, Properties and Powers - The Complete Guide (crystalsandjewelry.com)

Disclaimer: each individual experience with crystals vary