Welcome to the Crossfire Empire


What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger.


Crossfire Clothing was created when two passionate women came together to make both of their childhood dreams become a reality.

These two girls from Australia have pledged to create their own legacy, by bringing you the “edge” in fashion. After six months of planning, strategizing and forecasting, Crossfire Clothing was born.

Crossfire Clothing will always stand by their strong values of humility, integrity and honesty. They also believe strongly in equality, sustainability and resourcefulness. With all this as the cornerstones of the business, Crossfire Clothing prides themselves as operating ethically and in alignment with the high expectations of our modern world.

The name

The name Crossfire originates from one of the Founder's Fathers local rock n' roll band's from the early 2000's. 

The Logo

The logo was carefully designed by an artist commissioned by the founders to bring to life the fire behind their drive. The phoenix is symbolic of rebirth, strength and perseverance. When a phoenix dies, it is reborn from the ashes. And it definitely could be said that Crossfire Clothing was born from the ashes of the founder's individual hardships.